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First ever Fuzzy Bosom Blog post yeyy!

Well hello there! Im Bettie, the one woman show behind Fuzzy Bosom events!

I have been curating creative and bespoke events for 10 years now, and have branched out on my own with Fuzzy Bosom. My aim is to take over the North East of England with fabulous creative events, which feeds back into the local economy, shouting from the rooftops and supporting local creatives in a fully inclusive way, and giving the public opportunities to get involved in creative projects and events.

Excuse the way my first blog post is, I basically just wanted to introduce myself. I will be using the blog posts as an insight to how I curate events and my other creative endeavours, and as guidance within the creative industry an lots of tips and tricks!

You can stay up to date all the goodness that is happening in the Land of Fuzzy Bosom by signing up to my mailing list, keeping an eye on my website and following my social medias linked on the home screen.


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